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Dr. Cynthia Young

Dr. Cynthia Young

Dr. Young in Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Dr. Young in Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Dr. Young in Guatemala

Dr. Young in Guatemala


Dr. Cynthia Young is a top graduate of the renowned Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC and has been practicing dentistry for over 5 years. Prior to attending dental school, she completed a B.S. degree in Molecular Cell Biology from UCLA . She harbors much passion for the underserved populations and has gained much experience from her work with underserved children and adults. For the past 4 years, she has been an active leader with many organizations which serves the underprivileged populations domestic and to the far reaches of the world including Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya.   

Dr. Young grew up in Livermore, CA and has recently re-located back to the East Bay Area where she has decided to plant her roots. She loves her community and enjoys a variety of things and activities such as going to First Wednesdays in Pleasanton, hiking, and working on her philanthropic project, 1000SMILES PROJECT.  

Dr. Young believes in the principles and practices of conservative dental treatments. She stays up to date with the latest technologies and strives to only bring the best of everything to her patients. She is proudly serving as a part-time UCSF Dental School Assistant Professor which allows her to be at the forefront of new treatments and technologies. She is passionate about her profession and believes that education of her patients is the most important key. One of her favorite sayings is, "“The power of a smile is such that even drawing a happy face on a piece of paper makes your lips turn up.”

meet the doctor's right&left hands

Lisa contreras

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am from Brentwood, CA. I recently graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, where I received my Bachelor’s in Health Science. I have always had a passion for health care but did not know which route to take until recently when I decided to take a dental assisting class. Since then, my focus has been completely on teeth! I hope to someday complete a dental hygiene course or maybe even apply to some dental schools. I feel so lucky to have found Sustainable Smiles and Dr. Young, who is such a supportive and caring employer, as well as a really fun person to work with. When I’m not thinking about teeth, I like to be with my friends and family, hanging out with my two dogs, and reading or watching something. I love the Harry Potter books and my favorite show is Parks & Recreation. I also love to travel, and so far I have been to Cambodia and Spain, but I hope to see more of the world soon! We welcome you to our office and look forward to meet you!

olivia strain

HHi! My name is Olivia Strain. I am a Dental assistant for Dr. Young. Dr. Young and I met when she came into my old job looking for decorations for her new office. We got to chatting and I told her that I was studying to be a Dental Hygienist. We clicked and the rest is history! I am currently taking classes at Diablo Valley college and hope to apply to a Hygiene program soon. Besides dentistry my interests include; Fitness, hiking, Mexican food, science, animal videos and anything health related. I have always loved working with people, especially making them feel good and SMILE. I hope to see you at Sustainable Smiles soon! 


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